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Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

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Ergonomic work made easy – Minimise health stresses when working on the computer for a long time!

The vertical design of the TM137U enables a neutral hold and provides high comfort. In this way, your arm is held in an unturned, neutral position when working on a PC or laptop and is not forced into a distorted position as it would be when working with a conventional mouse.

Simply try give it a go:

Place your arms in a relaxed position on the table and note the natural position of your hand - the hand surfaces face each other just as when you shake hands with each someone.

This is the same position that this vertical mouse holds your arm in:

Just like with handshaking, your arm remains in a relaxed position. Your hand is also supported by the ergonomic design and the anti-slip surface of the mouse. The USB mouse has a right and left mouse button, both a forward / backwards button for comfortable surfing the internet and a dpi selection switch, with which the sampling rates can be switched from 1000-1600 dpi during operation. Due to an optical sensor the vertical USB mouse can be used on almost all surfaces with the highest precision.


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