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Anti-Dust Cable Storage Box

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This Cable Storage Box collects all chargers and hides cables from different electronic equipment such as cell phones, iPads and digital cameras in a tidy way. This is a great way to avoid tangled cables, both at home and in your office. It is also a great way to store all of your chargers in one place. Designed with carefully considered details such as a heat sink a the bottom of the receiving box, making heat of a plug-in board easier to dissipate. Wooden lid finish is perfect for matching with typical home decors.

Material: Flame retardant ABS, wood grain density board
Weight: Total weight 365g, wooden cover: 145g
Suitable size: Suitable for most plug-ins on the market, which can accommodate a maximum size of 295mm/11.61", a 104mm/4.09" power plug-in board, and a maximum height is 110mm/4.33"
Product size: 295 x 114 x 110mm


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295 x 114 x 110mm

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