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Konah Home

Konah Home™ Wireless Charger With Speaker

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Designed with an eye-protective dimming function and individual adjustability

Via touch, switch between 3 different brightness levels and create your preferred ambiance within seconds. Make reading in the dark comfortable thanks to high-quality eye-protecting LED lights.

Adjust the angle of the lighting bar to either change the standing angle of your phone or create different lamp styles.

More than just a stunning bedside light with seamless wireless charging and bluetooth speaker

The Konah Home Phone Stand Lamp comes with a powerful 10W QI wireless fast-charger for your phone and every other device that supports QI wireless charging such as popular wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and more. No cables are needed - just place your device on the charging spot at the base of the lamp and enjoy a lightning-fast recharge.

Built-in 5.0 Bluetooth speaker allows connection to any Bluetooth device to conveniently play music, podcasts, bedtime stories with a high-end sound output.

Energy-efficient and safe to use

The Phone Stand Light comes with an energy-efficient and low-heat LED light which helps you to reduce the electricity bill and makes it 100% safe to use.

Furthermore, it provides you with a variety of safety features including overvoltage protection, overheats protection, and an anti-slip rubber pad to protect both your lamp and your phone from any damage.

Made to last

Manufactured with high-grade natural and renewable materials which ensure a high-quality, long-lasting experience.




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191 * 203 * 55mm

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